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Made to Order Pot People

Design based on likes

For these two pots a list of the recipient's likes, as well as their photograph, were provided and their pots were designed to reflect these - much to their delight

Favorite piece of art

What a challenge.  Jan's favourite artist is Van Gogh and her favourite painting is Starry Night.  This was her Christmas Gift from her husband and it now sits in pride of place where it can be seen from everywhere

Wedding Memory

Angela and Tammy wanted something special to commemorate their beautiful wedding.  They provided photographs and from these the pots were created.  The photo above shows how they have displayed and decorated their special pots.


It was such a privilege to provide this family with their family of pots.  The first commission was to commemorate their little angel who shared their lives for a short time.    Some 12 months later there was a very welcome addition of a little boy and it was pure joy to add to their pot family

Hippy Couple

The brief for these pots was simple -

Hippy and Purple.

This left lots of scope for imagination.

Professional Couple

It's wonderful to see how customers decorate their pots.  These pots were made for and Accountant and look great in their lush surroundings outside of the office.

Science Teacher

Special Gift for a Special Teacher.    

Company Gift

Commissioned as a Client Christmas Gift

Company Gift

This was commissioned by the same person for another Pre School Client.


Mr & Mrs Claus need no introduction sitting in the garden amid the Dancing Lady Orchids with their Christmas Poinsettias growing beautifully.

Who Loves Maltesers

Monica does.  Her Aunt commissioned this pot for her.  Monica selected the perfect plant to create a lovely hairdo.


The brief for this cheeky couple was 

Roses and Rosé 

Bourbon and Sunflowers


Surprise Birthday Gift for Izzy's owner.   Izzy has extra pots on the hands and feet.   Commissioned by work colleagues. 

Cat Lover

A simple design for cat owners.

Poodle Perfect

Another one with extra pots for the very regal Poodle Pooch.

Birthday Gift

This was a special order for a Special Person.    Julie's favorite colour is green and she loves violets.

Raffle Prize

The local 4 x 4 club was after a unique raffle prize and commissioned this pot to raise funds (very successful outcome).

Favourite Nurse

Commissioned for a Paediatric Nurse who held a special place in the heart of one of her patients.

Staff Christmas Gifts

These three pots were commissioned for Staff in a wonderful Hairdressing Salon.  They were delighted with their gift - each pot reflecting aspects of their particular character/charastics.


Doug wanted to give his daughter and son-in-law a special housewarming gift.  Their house construction had been delayed due to weather, supply shortages, as well as labour shortages. Moving day finally arrived and the pots that Doug had had waiting for this day were finally presented.  As you can imagine the day was hectic so when all the family sat down for a well earned rest and the couple opened their gift, the atmosphere changed completely. There was laughter, joy and smiles all round as they discovered all the little details on their wedding day pots.

Mrs Chips

Ever the popular snack.    Sam's mum loves them so this was an ideal birthday gift, complete with chips.

Pet Pot

Dad chose a simple flower pot for his daughter and son-in-law depicting their pet

Pet Pot

Same dad, different daughter & son-in-law, different dog.  

Pot People

Pot people to make you smile - flowers - pets - professions - sports - critters

Speciality Pots

We believe in feeling special so these pots are designed just for you - single pots complete with saucers to match, or a variety of pots combined for that special effect.